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Chasing her dreams, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o made a dangerous mistake with “Hollywood’s Most Powerful Producer”, Harvey Weinstein. What happened in Harvey’s family home that made Lupita fear for her future? 😨 And why did she blame herself for what happened?

Robert Douwstra
Robert Douwstra4 months ago

How can she want to be lighter of skin? Incredible, she's beyond georgeous! My mother used to tell me that criticizing the way people look is an insult to him who created them. You don't tell God how to do his job!

Abi Dunk
Abi Dunk2 months ago

This video is massively mislabeled. She did not make a mistake. She is a survivor of a sexual predator.
She is a great actor and a wonderful person.

Tracie Frendo Gaylor
Tracie Frendo Gaylor2 months ago

This is sad. Especially sad that she is not proud of her gorgeous skin color. She's so beautiful and this guy is despicable.

Margie Di
Margie Di2 months ago

I've always been suspicious of men who were photographers, directors, producers, gynocologists, or had any close contact with women. As someone once said that if Christian Grey(50 Shades of Grey) hadn't been a billionaire, but a trailer park guy, he would have been in prison. We must stop glorifying wealth, fame, and power.

Ginnie Fitzgerald
Ginnie Fitzgerald4 months ago

She’s so beautiful it’s hard to believe she was ever self conscience about her looks.

Linda Owens
Linda Owens2 months ago

Love your courage, Lupita! Beauty on the inside shines forth as a beacon of hope to others!!😁😍

Kim Martin
Kim Martin2 months ago

You are a beatiful woman with beautiful skin. Thank you for the insight on what goes on in our world.

Rona Fleming
Rona Fleming4 months ago

Why do only the rich go down/get justice? I was raped 4 times as a youth and those guys never got shamed like him. Unfair/ not justice, Not Me-Too.

Nancy Twible
Nancy Twible4 months ago

Thank you my dear. You are such a light of compassion and strength.

Shelley Broad
Shelley Broad2 months ago

So many women now … telling their truth about these men!!!! Good for you