It's time for Sunday Sauce!

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Posted 2 months ago in Food & Drink

Tracy Salamone Tucker 2 months ago

Show us how to make the jar sauce please!!!

June Ruggieri 2 months ago

Salami and egg in the brociole

Mark Cillo 2 months ago

How is this making sauce. Your sauce is already made, your just adding meat to it. Sauce is made from crushed tomato鈥檚 not from a jar. C鈥檓on Pasquale, and meatballs are always better fried. And yes I鈥檝e seen his video a year ago how he made is jarred sauce, but everyone might not have seen it. My point is if your going to show someone how to make sauce, show them the complete way of doing it.

Mary Murphy Telford 2 months ago

Notice it says SAUCE, not gravy!

Carol Tricarico 2 months ago

I don't like fatty meat cooked in the sauce. It makes it greasy.

Christine Grenwis-Hodgson 2 months ago

Why is the sauce so thin and runny?

Joseph Koch 2 months ago

this was how my late Italian mother-in-law made her sauce, except it took several days

Anthony J Salomone Jr. 2 months ago

My recipe is so very close to this one. I love the post as all that you share is a gem. Thank you!

Denise Maderis 2 months ago

My mouth is watering 馃構 I know how good this tastes and I really, really enjoy watching you cook, sing and dance! You are rocking the meatballs!! Cin, cin baby!!

Rose Corrigan 2 months ago