Ben Hanlin - WATCH THESE CARDS! Magician reads your MIND!

Ben Hanlin • 5 months ago   207     181
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WATCH THESE CARDS! Magician reads your MIND!

Fiona Speirs
Fiona Speirs5 months ago

Totally nailed it! Fantastic! Love Ben Hanlin 😊

Steven Hornby
Steven Hornby5 months ago

Nope i was on the house!

Christian Evelyn
Christian Evelyn5 months ago

Reminded me of that game β€œthink of a number between one and ten, now double it and so on etc” πŸ˜…

Thomas Chambers
Thomas Chambers2 months ago

Diamond πŸ’Ž

Louise McGarrett
Louise McGarrett5 months ago

No, I was a diamond before the circle and X

Darin A Karim
Darin A Karim5 months ago

Nope nope, wrong 3 times sorry mate it didn’t fool me

Kev Wilson
Kev Wilson5 months ago

Love it. The advert kinda made me forget what image i choose nd u still guessed ma shape! πŸ˜‚

Krystal Collins
Krystal Collins5 months ago

Nope I was on the cross

Beau Doughty
Beau Doughty5 months ago

Mad that, I started with the car then the X to the O nicely done πŸ€­πŸ˜‚