Jin Air vs SK Telecom T1

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Jin Air win the longest professional League of Legends game ever against SK Telecom T1! #LCK

Posted 4 years ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

LOL Esports 4 years ago


Geoffrey Gu 4 years ago

John Kim only 23 kills look at the top comment photo

Trần Thành Đạt 4 years ago

Jin Air phá vỡ kỉ lục trận đấu chuyên nghiệp dài nhất thế giới nè, sivir farm cả ngàn con Nguyễn Hồng Quang

Kiệt Trần 4 years ago

And i’m so sick of this match
So soft & slow ...

Jj Manzo 4 years ago

It's funny to see people over react whenever SKT is included on a post. "End of SKT Era" SKT is blah blah" Why not enjoy the game? JAG won the series 2-1 against SKT. They haven't wont na LCK. So many idiots pretending to be eSport analyst. Why not look forward in seeing good plays?

I'll definitely see replies that includes "triggered" "SKT Fan boy" and so on.

Nuno Teles 4 years ago

João Sousaa Ricardo Duarte Incrível! Imaginem o tempo de respawn xD

Alita Navarro 4 years ago

how is this a record? it took 94 minutes to win a match lol

Sebastián Herrera La Torre 4 years ago

He visto las partidas de SKT VS ROX Y ahora esta con JAG Y considero que Wolf es un pésimo jungle todas las partidas que ha tenido ha sido de cabreado, técnicamente no aporta nada, faker y untara han tenido que carrear.

Terry Huang 4 years ago

Wolf can't really jungle... Wolf did 8k DMG as J4 meanwhile Janna did 15k DMG and I remembered tahm Kench also did more DMG...How tf can u only do 8k DMG in 94 min

Hamid Hamid 4 years ago

94 mins= 15-8... my enemy laner is 15-8 in the first 10 mins