Police officers give a toy tractor to a young boy who had his stolen

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This little boy’s year has been made! 🚜 🥺 ❤️ Via SWNS

Posted 6 months ago in Children & Parenting

Elena De Lisi Barker 6 months ago

This is the most uplifting video I have seen all day. God bless those police officers for making that little boy smile with their amazing gift. 💕

Ciara Smith 6 months ago

That was awesome. God bless your hearts. You guys are good eggs. 💛

Pauline Fellows 6 months ago

Nice to see a positive story on police officers for a change.

Azeez Ade 6 months ago

If we learn to live in unity , countless of positivity can be achieved. Glad to see this from the security agencies.

Smigel Miro 6 months ago

So dailyfail is posting positive vibes?Did hell freeze?

Ho Pe 6 months ago

Thank you officers ...

Angela Cowling 6 months ago

Thank you, thanks Officer, yet gain! You have hearts of gold!!! xx

Victor Jose 6 months ago

I be a criminal most the time and will still say not every officer is bad, at all!!....
but yall gotta view that the same way, and need to acknowledge not every criminal is bad.....
Once that happens, the wrong will get dealt with and the right will prevail

Evelyn Collins 6 months ago

Nice car you so lucky boy.