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Hon. Bowman Lusambo has been accused of abandoning his 3 daughters he fathered with a woman known as Mercy, with whom he has had a relationship in the past 8 years, she says.

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Chetu Mulenga
Chetu Mulenga4 months ago

My dear lady my advise to you is that just take things well in a respect manner..nangu bana ba honourable..Teti basumine because of the way you are taking things..on public..you should know that abaume they have children mumbali ,the man take them even at school..you must understand that when you are going out nabalume babene filacitika.. 3 children? Where the family of our honourable my sister. ? Sit down and go to your pastor you're going to be advised what to do.. because it's only you this thing happening..but bringing a man who has a wife on public it's very very abomination..and you have destroyed yourself in another way..you need to be concilled well and encouranged..and just endure your pain .

Moshoul Mulele II
Moshoul Mulele II4 months ago

That's why he's busy pushing for Free Education

Danny Kufa
Danny Kufa4 months ago

From the way Boman is responding it's evident that he's responsible

Rhodah Mumba
Rhodah Mumba4 months ago

No smoke without fire mr man just accept mwalelyaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hildah Mulombe
Hildah Mulombe4 months ago

Because to my own understanding for her to have three children and expecting another one, don't she c the wife or she was also the Mae Nini?

Mercy Kapiso Mwangonde
Mercy Kapiso Mwangonde4 months ago

Chipuba ichi elo nomungulu pamulu together with Bowman.Honestly how could you bare all those children for a married man who does not even support them ?

Tatiana Siandula
Tatiana Siandula4 months ago

Am sure it's true he's the owner of those children, at home he only has girls and kumbali girls which makes him a legitimate father

Welington Dinny Malama
Welington Dinny Malama4 months ago

Ubupuba u are nt normal for sure ..u have bin going to court and u claim he has been bribein the police but u went ahead to have a 4th pregnancy? Tawakwata ifunde ..next case plz

Mohka MK
Mohka MK4 months ago

πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜… but you have prent money , y refusing to take care of those children

James Mukutwa
James Mukutwa4 months ago

You can date a married man but he can not marry you no matter what you will only be a side chick be wise don't follow the position just be with someone who can be there for you in any situation