Shashi Tharoor and Ram Madhav debate on the concept of New India

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Shashi Tharoor and Ram Madhav debate on the concept of New India, Freedom in the Country, and Indian Media. Take a look.
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Posted 7 months ago in Politics

Anupam Tripathi 7 months ago

The BJP rule of last 7 years is an epitome of bad government, non performance, bigotry, andh bhakts, joblessness, lies, fake promises, sold media and negative GDP. They are plain terrible.
Now these thugs are even trying to control the internet streaming mediums to do Modi Modi for them. Haak thoo to them!
Jai Bharat!
Anupam Tripathi
The truth shall set us all free!

Thri Vikram 7 months ago

Idea of India for congress is appeasing Muslims...,secularism means first right on Indian resources of India goes to Muslims[acc to MMS on red fort]....if you try to change that n treat every citizen equally you become communal....Durga pujas vl be banned in a state to appease some one n you need to go to court to get permission....still you r communal,you waited patiently for decades for court verdict to construct RAM temple still u r communal....Hindus r most liberal n secular by nature KHANgress don’t need to teach secularism to Hindus r Indians....during partition Indian remain secular just bcoz it’s a Hindu majority country.....congress can cry as much as they want Hindus realised their cunning politics....but Hindus r BJP vl never become communal like congress is arguing, but if you think Hindus should remain silent for cong appeasing to one community r towards their attrocities that won’t happen

Ujjwal Kumar 7 months ago

Mr Thoroor wants to avoid discussion on what congress did in the past like Emergency of 1975 when all the opposition leaders and some journalists were put behind bar for about two years . And he forgot how 8956 people of Kandankulam village of Tamilnadu were charged with sedition for opposing a nuclear power plant . It is the highest no of people charged for sedition in our history and that was under congress rule . #Shameless politicians

Soumya Sen 7 months ago

Such biasness by India Today. On a 7 and half minutes clip, 6 and half minutes goes to the Grand Old Party..

Atikul Islam 7 months ago

Why in the blue hell shashi tharoor agreed to debate this spokesperson who doesn’t have a clue about what he is talking about? It’s demeaning for shashi.

Dhiraj Rudra 7 months ago

In a decade because of the fantastic roles of all political parties, India is going to be disintegrated. There are many among us who'd like to invite Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so on to share the split, which unfortunately would lead to the share of our great Army, Air force and Navy too. In this situation, America is not going to help. Theoretically, all who wanted to have this and that will be so happy with their families. And this India will never again be united. The prices would go down, with very little money we shall live like human beings on which many literary stalwarts would write great theories and ideas. Why do blame only BJP consistently? What about the other parties?

Dhayal Susai 7 months ago

Super. Tharoor as Placed the facts.

Mahua Adhikari 7 months ago

The leader is giving similar dialogue that of sholey of Amitabh Bachchan to Mausi . Ladka achha to hai..........

Rafaatlulu Ikram 7 months ago

Shashi what a waste of time

Lohithakshan Kaiprath 7 months ago

It is easy snc convenient for tharoor to scuttle the question of past and only talk about today. Congress leaders are living hypocrites