Capitol riots | At least 80 arrested as social media users call out rioters

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The nationwide hunt gets nasty. Last week's riots at the Capitol resulted in at least 80 arrests, and authorities report receiving more than 40,000...

Posted 10 months ago in Politics

Philip Cronje 9 months ago

USA. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free??? 🤣Live the dream and move to America🤣You have become a Banana Republic, just like so many you created thru your interferences in Sovereign nations to suite your own greed

Nell Schera 10 months ago

people have the right to stop the rigging of the elections. and considering the pigs of the new world order do not take two qualms to kill people ... imprisonment is a small price to pay when it comes down to fight for real justice. Die fighting not on your knees. N by the way there is only one reason why 3/4 of a population rejects election results ... when 3/4 of the population has voted for the other candidate. Enough is enough. the white trash of the new world order has to come down. simple as that.

Seah Jun An 9 months ago

To be honest, I thought this was common, not shocking.

Alex DeLarge 9 months ago

Well know we know they can hunt down law breakers on mass with just video. I expect them to do the same for all future BLM riots.

Ned Davis 10 months ago

How many arrested were known members of BLM and Antifa.

Darren Sacks 9 months ago

I thought the FBI were extinct . All of a sudden they working again . Ridiculous

Sierra Fox 9 months ago

Had hunters laptop for a year and did nothing. But want to go on a man hunt for some people who entered a false flag event, walked around and went home.

Pietro Duparrev 10 months ago

America is slowly devolving to something they loathe the most from the Cold War era were friends, family and neighbors don't trust each other as they might get ratted out and sent to the Gulag.

Simon Meikle 9 months ago

With the divide and conquer strategy and the transfer of wealth from the working class to the elite completed, we are ready to enter the global reset.

Colorado Rose 9 months ago

BLM riots were much much more shocking and savage