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Are these kids spoilt?
He goes how much do you need and then we'll just like. 300 pounds it's higher and higher on higher. I'm Ralph Juicy. I think it was something like primer. So where does her love of oak Couture come from the minute they were born. They defined the clothes. I wanted my kids to look nice. I was over the top. I mean they had Burberry clothes and they are burpee quilts anything it's ridiculous and we probably did get like. Oh my God look. I got my carpet. Your kids running around in the car. Bexley in Kent home to the McKenna's, there's man of the House, Allen Mom Kelly and three lucky kids, Reece Mackenzie and Chase. These three have got everything they could possibly want the latest gadgets, gizmos and toys. But for 11 year-old chase, it's all about the clothes. Oh, she likes all things pink and sparkly. She's a beauty pageant winner, including Essex sweetheart and she's a designer label alcoholic. I wear this at school and Grandma bought it for me some oils. How much does it change? Hundred and 70 -. Five Chase is very clever. She wraps Allan little finger. Oh, she's so many when I asked dad Like yeah, you can have that argument and then it will be live as you can get past mommy. Can I have it? I think it's gonna go far. I love it. I love all my kisses to bits, but I've got to change if you have to give him the face daddy. he goes how much do you need and then I'll just like I like 300 pound tire gets higher and higher on high. But when it comes to mom daddy's girl Chase needs to upper game. Watch Christmas tree. I'm gonna listen to it. You know why it's because. What Child has a Christmas tree in their bedroom? What we're gonna do with the one you got over there. send it to Africa for the children who have no Christmas trees. Opinion Christmas tree. They love it. so luckily, because you've got one, you don't need another one. I said she wants a new tree for a bedroom. I said there is no way no, you don't need no cuz I don't want mom losing her name. Let's get gown show them your money. Oh alright. then we went up any Christmas tree Christmas lights cuz I'll go to speak out and spend the money we on its little crap with money. We were kind of family that we don't have faith in. we live every day as it is we could have like to build and still got bed and sleep. It made me. I thought things out that don't worry me. my aunt told me once you coming into work with nothing and if you go in here up.

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