Deep Soul - - Some Memories Are Never Forgotten 🖤🥀💔

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- Some Memories Are Never Forgotten 🖤🥀💔

Posted 5 months ago

M Muhammad Kamil 5 months ago

Nice song beautiful feeling one day you've together Queen ❣️

Jasmin Roy 4 months ago

Sometimes that brought so much joy could give so much pain🥀& don't be blind in love..don't be blind in love💔

Laksh Ketan 4 months ago

Miss u 🙃 i know very well ...!!
Some memories are never forgetten .

PayeL DebNath 4 months ago

That first hug .. really memories never forgotten

Ipshita Orpi 4 months ago

Sobai sob kisui vule jay

Dripti Deka 4 months ago

🤗they are just move on with others 😊and see!! we are still suffering 🤭💔

তাকিয়া তাবাসসুম 4 months ago

প্রতিটা মুহূর্ত আপনাকে(S) অনুভব করি,,, আর ভুলতেও চাই না সেই মুহূর্ত গুলো কে☺
Really.... memories are never forgotten 😭😭😭

Ritu Rahman 4 months ago

Never above you, never below you, always beside you.💛💫

Nehad Ali 4 months ago

محبت کے شدید درجے کو عشق کہا جاتا ہے

Fārīā Īßlām 4 months ago

Memories are never forgotten 🖤🥀 sometimes it's oky to be alone💔🙃