5: Things to Know

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Coronavirus in Florida by the numbers, eviction moratorium set to expire, Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over streaming of Black Widow, and Suni Lee...

Posted 3 months ago in TV & Movies

Lori Deutsch 3 months ago

Getting scary again

Annette Strom 3 months ago

Is DeSantis trying to reverse county imposed mask mandates for schools an imminent danger to children and staff?

Annette Strom 3 months ago

What are ypur thoughts on the governor no longer supporting vaccination programs, when he, himself, has been vaccinated?

Dena Foster Hitchens 3 months ago

The treaters are fogged after every movie

Lisa Davidson Keaton 3 months ago

I'm immune suppressant and even though I've been vaccinated I'm still worried about infection..

Dena Foster Hitchens 3 months ago

Why is the Border still open

Jeffrey Taylor 3 months ago

Do you think that immigrants arriving In govt buses starting to tilt the scales

Dena Foster Hitchens 3 months ago

Funny they leave the Border open and expect to stop the spread...This is the dumbest Administration and most harmful one I have seen in my lifetime.

Diane McCamish Shepherd 3 months ago

Movie theatres are sooo dirty.

Donna Evans 3 months ago

We will not lock down but their is a mask mandate