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Journaling can be so healing and satisfying!

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Bozena Chorazewicz
Bozena Chorazewicz4 months ago

First, you need to know what journaling is. This here is called scrapbooking. Stay in your lane. Food videos please!

Beth Runez
Beth Runez4 months ago

This looks more like a scrapbook lol. I thought journaling is when you write your thoughts down.

Amy McCormick
Amy McCormick4 months ago

So much plastic 😢

Nadija Alsoudi
Nadija Alsoudi4 months ago

Silly!! too much scrap! Scrap book. Her nails agonized me as well.

Ricky House
Ricky House4 months ago

What else is satisfying is when I open my feed and see food videos from your account and not this dumb stuff

Lance Dojenas
Lance Dojenas4 months ago

Those nails 😱😱😱 is killing me

Laurel Vaughan
Laurel Vaughan4 months ago

That’s called collage, and I’m amazed how much crap you can buy to produce such tacky results. Such a waste of time and money. Stick to food

Savannah Marie
Savannah Marie4 months ago

People should just start high jacking the comments section with allrecipe recipes. I'll start

Stephanie Bonesteel
Stephanie Bonesteel4 months ago

It's sad that people would rather buy ready-made everything than risk writing, drawing, or painting themselves.

It seems more about boosting sticker sales than wellness tbh.

Abigail Anderson
Abigail Anderson4 months ago

I looked down at my phone/video at the wrong time….. I was concerned about why she was glueing down an innocent tortilla