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The easiest, crunchiest snack. Follow Ayeh (https://www.instagram.com/cookingwithayeh) for more!

Hannah Kirsten Delos Reyes
Hannah Kirsten Delos Reyes4 months ago

Carl Villafuerte aaaa gusto ko ganito pag bumukod na tayo

Terry N Robin Almond
Terry N Robin Almond4 months ago

Made these when poor, couldn't afford chips. Drizzle butter and sprinkle with salt. Also you can boil with tomato sauce and water pasta won't go soggy.

Roy Lee
Roy Lee4 months ago

Minus the beans and the avocado

Catherine Pines
Catherine Pines4 months ago

YAY...a Tasty post that is food related

Classic Fournier-Weeks
Classic Fournier-Weeks4 months ago

Has anyone actually made these? Are they crunchy like chips or hard? I’m tempted…. But….

Gabbi Miller
Gabbi Miller4 months ago

Jesel we should try the pasta chips one day 😮

Marvetta Cobb-Joyner
Marvetta Cobb-Joyner4 months ago

Valerie Coley there’s a crispy chickpea recipe in here that looks appetizing.

Núria Soler Delgado
Núria Soler Delgado4 months ago

Meritxell Soler Delgado proveu la pasta i ja em dieu 😂

Thessa Francisco
Thessa Francisco4 months ago

Karen Velarde Francisco bilang titang ina paborito ni thoedore crunchy foods panuorin mo at gawan mo sya hahahah

Sabina Larsen
Sabina Larsen4 months ago

Katarina Malmqvist Fd Larsen testa pasta chips