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[ENG] 160416 Eric Nam vs Solar's mamamoo Ep 2
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I knew that to doctor and getting the transition to cry I'm telling that turns into shit is some that gonna run their thinking fine tell my tell you you know you make trouble Oh oh yeah call me because one doubles on yes yes your ticket right job Awesome not to smoke a general control Let's see who you're funny time should be ideas you yeah couldn't help us and then I smoke no fish my dad so that I knew okay take your eyes out our hot Yeah that's what we thought that shit feel what kind of sound that or do that soon missed him how fail because I don't like that people want to you are you going to home make sure that that is the good time okay okay Ha did you also The Oh what's up it up the world and that's you know this is gonna be first beautiful high nice dangle now oh no you too baby okay oh yeah No done some Go to G condition new cheese see She was Joe they choose or pm us all different up us all good now yeah I think it also name yourself okay get together yes we do sell yourself back good one tile window relax oh well today where we can then I'm on sale I wanna because yeah oh But unable to go who just won Whoo oh Shut up you know I tell my mommy for mommy that I think you're wrong you people are not among with the though it's Apple coding Michael you name the last led me that putting the last like me that all the good Ha I am using you that's a move may want Who oh who you body you will do All we don't yeah millie it was unable to mom you don't talk when I said oh what's that when you need to be doing There Oh what the wind hail see about that's what been if what Just one I got hope okay shit dad hey was help he was hell we're okay Oh oh okay oh She to making Oh well oh my oh yeah You want me shit your entire over I am that's up to you but you will not too many boil I'd okay that's too funny up there you take everything up oh are you doing we will are you guys having How the game that you bought or yeah shoot what about to get underway hello mother guys is a vehicle Yeah man no wonder boy who another Yeah man just one God got you know you look at their News and he done this and a W s top knows northeast West House up what us tell myself North moon that's norse just 15 four s North who it's for okay we got something going there when you are 638 Wow oh God okay God God God dhaka got God younger than they okay so oh oh oh I don't pick up with George okay my oh my God oh my God Oh my God that God would Uh ha ha ha ha Yeah oh okay you know me but do is they'll Oh hi Fuck Yeah do not hold any oh she's indie with the name oh yes him which Still good that's it um going push it up home go back cuz you don't using the oil I'm not what I am we give me going when there goes little is going big bottom what kind of girl the home oils with what was in there when you such it I'm I owe cut you don't do come what you gonna do somebody want to If I wasn't like that still choose whatever color teams which cami today I'm praying for yourself I have I'm really got me putting me that point of all clean clean kind of love uh enjoy time what are you okay yeah not do double time and time got ever go right Oh and come on yeah yeah I'm under undertow heighten single vision that all I have there oh okay uh the more the girl to the soon uh uh no it does it can tell okay Dinner all day if I told that you want a cool today to what you know can yeah you get it woman in I don't move and come on okay but don't tell the woman then put them cover could civil couple okay that my girl get The Jack to Awesome I'm never know fucking know but I love two so mel O man I'm Tony little choice award to empower people didn't want to turn it in there to get your total war you guys have to film building mom Jump on oh Oh alright I'm done playing that comes a our music oh today oh he doesn't whoa It's about as any with up um the four um yeah oh I miss him no me that uh huh what difference do up keep it up they will hold an item they will hold an item oh yeah oh Go up coming wasn't oh fuck one not like that oh Hello oh my God does it all watches you all of the different today uh no more okay um don't it up come on you seen the thing I was 100 workout to something what to ticket you continue along with bill oh two wonderful doing 21 day put on its head of dealing with that said the passing you don't move me because a group I got this week was all talking number 40 month photo selectable who we look up uh pull to sit here after I move on to second okay we're a little time it hey I got how we died oh dollar style because that a book I took a month you you have to credit my okay I've got this soon to that also live you know I said uh come out and go to print in and day yo gear canton cool like basically home good thank you which Mobile point of letting go the shit people you shit oh we got full what would you to general easily go to one oh well come on Oh look oh that's music Oh whoa oh whoa oh oh Uh from his head high to time the beauty he gonna get people to 117 contender but it off 32 oh three No yeah fuck mission who move shit forever for phil okay okay just okay thing up one pull wool uh shit you go to coma tail that's all whether yeah I'm gonna want to have a girl that can tell body will fuck special Smith and I want you to do Let him tell you no you can Oh shut up Off to dog that's so I think by that that's yeah yeah do that idea to guys for I would you go oh Well let's jump on to what you want to mic orlando car to him I was dancing I can be and give up what you gonna do Who came out naturally when I am putting me that I took there was no oh don't absolutely tell me come with all your water that cool oh my God we don't go to go where no oh my God oh let's go now with hospice of what I want to kill them okay when the only where it was to Kim was on you came time him yours home okay so a lot of you kinda good oh that was on it was on was okay could you meet the only our pool uh your you'll pay of adviser in the jobs of today I have for you and I'll be organizing Ha oh my God Uh hey I'm okay oh what was it on you whether they're young my my into their their you we always tell our kids together all day I was only there Powerful that a boiling what up not about to my school then what should I call and good girl man stop making you awesome Oh so I didn't do I need to many different I take on it cuz I am oh shit hold up in as hell there we could number let yourself yeah great summed up oh Pictures young guy you don't either looking today I pay to pay to this off enter the pitch it was a pleasure to yeah what's on all doing stuff good how worried I room taste like because it ha it is I was like you know each other in the now where you are now going to happen in much are gonna be on the other schools all his love good can push when they all got to shit ha She got shit Oh you could take it on the go boy walk could tell you uh we got you okay get some cool could would cheat sheet to grow with the a kind Either one I think alot cop got team happy call to the husband coach who has a love of the closet coffee cool man she go oh God she should come with your baby every t okay what could go when God because God fuck it bitch he totally got crooks hunt you will go home with you I look at you oh Oh go into it until it's about his own that together we do to push push you to do give it up okay hold on yeah some of their thousand money gotta be good cool okay go hard people I don't good network from uh who is how it was hard on the boys there don't be on the ah okay what this what's up on what you think that somebody who knows who I am doing it that's what yeah okay look what is it okay I tell it so I can take a taco will pie pool but to because of some dying okay there then buy movies off do down the ticket that wasn't there using always okay you'll to 30 key to okay to care but with because it duck ones out turn it uh I don't tell me get the girl yeah I don't do my um you told me to take it home we're looking young for the total the automotive homeboy God made up to kill boyd is a humble ship later you cannot touch on them they hook to get the musical at the honey God to defend towards your home and show us how to get the support to go idea time to stock which is a shit candidate terminus favorite time is about could you know it girl what did it wasn't a tire quote the witness to what he doesn't tell who Sunday captures some people visual support it but do good at the world it's remember to Atlanta I love yeah ha okay because I know that I don't going on there was no oh Come on cuz I mean who fuck everybody home enough I think I'm the only woman to win I also took a little known real was it for you one do guess title tiles this all I did that don't come on the hudson and poole was in the world to to the store's runs and I don't over the water here turns out okay many positive what are you gonna do with total this is going to win this about today the reason we're watching that pushes the I took will ice to corner will uh should serve him um don't do what kind of God Yeah but I want him okay cool what I got going lose that yeah I did okay I need help Hello beautiful what you sell you haven't they called I muscle what is it how others Up major on the proof that silver coins how to tell him there done I treated you anything all day long shit I'll be able to say to why should you often entity trust him when you see what I was missing it's not the reference elkins essential that the actual said you don't see what little girls true true trust yeah see yeah uh huh trust 10 different is what I did so you gonna have a was performing yup you go up you know go to eagles I dont amazing so why don't you run yeah oh oh 10 tenths when you go into work yeah I did okay come on by that's what I'm looking for a deal Okay Fuck the not so good that's such a little guy oh Well did you give your lo to No I don't go as much as you play I didn't have different speeds up to go here we know what you might have in the car sale um what do they have to grow I try to touch me with his all okay on this dunhill coop news you know that push and uncle than you okay oh oh boy More than what difference Oh God okay I put on my to my human to ever do it you know what I know about that okay I put okay looking up Eat up today today to kinda known order to get to it oh and they're oh so when you told me to put up different yeah okay you doing to do their shit there still good to go Got it you want a different

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