Shocking Up Monster Bass In Our Pond!

Arms Family Homestead • 2 years ago   10.7K     435  •  502.4K Views
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Shocking Up Monster Bass In Our Pond!
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John Wilkins
John Wilkins4 months ago

Get grass carp they will survive all year around and do a great job on grass. Also I think department of wildlife will do the same thing as pond king

Karen Vest
Karen Vest8 months ago

WoW I really enjoyed this and I thank you for sharing where we could watch. The Bass you raising are nice ones. Talk about a fish fry it will be a good one. You and DJ are a perfect team you think of everything to improve your animals and fish. Em and Houston are lucky to have you for parents you are teaching them so well and raising them so proper. I love the Arms family and enjoy every video I watch. I like talapia's they have a heavy fish odor and if you put hush puppies in with them they are delish where they absorb the aroma while cooking. I have to say you all are one special family. 💖to all.

Susan K Davis
Susan K Davis5 months ago

Those bass looks like one I cougth with my dad many years ago I was only in my teens. He said that it was the biggest one he had ever seen. I'm now almost 70 years old.

Herdis Jackson
Herdis Jackson6 months ago

Wouldn't you wait to put the Tolipia I'm after shocking the pond? Ijs? Bacon in your crawdads trap, show the video.

Josh Ferguson
Josh Ferguson4 months ago

How about you use a rod and reel to catch fish like normal people or are you still crying about your free tractor you lost