Ben Hanlin • 5 months ago   651     46  •  90.1K Views

HE PULLS HIS FINGER OFF!!! MAGIC GONE WRONG! Check out Magic Singh for more!

James Peters
James Peters5 months ago

It was my card. But the cool thing is, seconds latter I randomly turned BBC Radio 2 on, and the track playing was titled: MAGICAL by Laura Mvula πŸ˜€

Angie Schwarz
Angie Schwarz5 months ago

Two of each 8s, 5, and 7s in the line cards I noticed straight away and I picked the eight, no surprise one of five’s was missing as the mind tick is to getting you noticing on the two fives without you thinking about it quickly as in the middle of pack

Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson5 months ago

he just sweeps that Β£20 off the tablet it was so obvious πŸ˜‚

Chris Slade
Chris Slade5 months ago

Wear did the 7 of hearts and 7 of clubs come from

Ash Samad
Ash Samad2 days ago

Good tricks. Keep at it and let's see more soon.

Caleb Deontae
Caleb Deontae5 months ago

He slip the money in his lap

Kyaw Kaung Htet San
Kyaw Kaung Htet San5 months ago

haha nc cards they are not even the same one

Yasi Write
Yasi Write5 months ago

Some tricks are visible.. but some are wow

Sharon Ward Brady
Sharon Ward Brady5 months ago

I thought the exact same wtf xx

Lawrence Haughton
Lawrence Haughton4 months ago

What’s this guys name