The Truth about our relationship 🤭

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I’m surprised he stayed with me tbh 😩😂

Posted 1 year ago

Laura Clery 1 year ago

Get ur comfy cute gear here 😍

Collette Belle 1 year ago

We too are the same, my husband wants to shut down and I want to solve it. A friend told me to talk in a song to each other (pick an artist and mimic them with your words).... if you can keep arguing then you are truly mad, but usually you both end up cracking up and getting over it.

Kate Hillmar Miller 1 year ago

I laughed so hard i was crying! My best tip on arguing is to only fight about the issue at hand. Dont bring up dirt from the past that has nothing to do with the fight. Also, dont tell your mom/sister/best friend every single detail bc you will forgive and they will not.

Molly McBride 1 year ago

I just have to throw out something on the swearing around kids comment. A story that goes through my family as a laugh but also kinda concerning.. 😂 one of my aunt/uncles have 3 kids. And their youngest child’s very FIRST WORD was “shit” the next thing she start saying was swearing at my grandma who didn’t find it as funny as the rest of us. 😂😂😂

Kristin Burns 1 year ago

My husband and I started text fighting instead of screaming at each other. It helps because you have to type out what you want to say and usually after proofreading, you think, "is it necessary that I say this?"

Nissa Rae 1 year ago

Love to watch you two. Guily pleasure. Would still watch Laura by herself but the both of you together 🏅 like peas and carrots. Steven is the cherry on the awsome Laura sundae that really gets me binge watching y'all. 👫👼

Kim Marshall 1 year ago

I am loving this peek into your lives and love. Thank you for sharing. Part 2 would be amazing. Solid Yes from me.

Pam Elledge 1 year ago

Oh dear God he wouldn't have even given you the way to get to the water you're stuck with each other and that beautiful baby

Marie Woods 1 year ago

Read your book I loved it, I’d have skipped the partner bits too Steven, as I’m a green eyed monster & my brain drop into my arse when it comes to my partner

Cathy Turk 1 year ago

You guys are a great team you guys are so funny together and support each other your kid and hopefully in the future kids will look back on all these videos and see what awesome parents they have.