Granny's Song Live at Benoits Hall

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Granny's Song Live at Benoits Hall
Written by Mike & Greg Manuel/Manuel Family Publishing
#mikemanuelmusic #missioncountryontherow

Posted 11 months ago in Music & Audio

Charlotte Willick 11 months ago

What a beautiful song love it and all your song

Brenda Etherton 10 months ago

Good job I love all song u do good job sing

Linda Medlin 8 months ago

I love to hear you sing.May God bless you.🙏🙏

Jean Manous 11 months ago

This is my Grandma Welch she always loved us and she believed if she had something all had it to share. Oh the stories she could tell.

Gary Morgan 11 months ago

I really good song I clap my hands and it's really a good song to hear 😊

Linda Brown 10 months ago

My mom was deaf, no talking in sound!

Juanita Salzido 11 months ago

I remember my grandparents on daddies side i was there first grandaughter. So i was very spoiled. I miss them so much

Teena Colombe 11 months ago

amazing music

Maria Martinez 10 months ago

This reminds me of grandma, love you

Louise Crider 11 months ago

Beautiful song. ❤