Cesar! My dog won't walk on the leash! (Aggressive Australian Shepherd!)

Cesar Millan
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In this Dog Nation Episode, I help Kim and her Australian Shepherd Mix, Luke.

Luke's main issue is trusting other humans. He gets aggressive and tries...

Posted 2 months ago in Animals & Pets

Trisha Murat 2 months ago

People so annoy me, the post about the Akita go put it down. I studied the breed of my dog for 18 months got a trainer from day one, if you get a big powerful dog it is common sense to do so. And I’ve used my trainer all threw my dogs life to correct her , has mine is a very dominant dog, Now four and she’s almost perfect. What is wrong with people see a cute puppy think yes I’ll have that dog fools 🤦‍♀️

Jenny NClavel 2 months ago

Hello Cesar, I have a question. Why is my dog become aggressive towards me when I stand up.?

Erica Peters 2 months ago

Cesar Millan you did a good job training Kim's dog Luke by directing him. I have a trouble in trusting too!

Susan Kennedy 2 months ago

You NEVER pull a dog on a leash like this Cesar ! Shame on you

Barbara Willobee 2 months ago

I commend the owner for rescuing this pup. What is wrong with people? Whomever harmed this dog should have their hand and arm chopped off. God will sort em' out...

Stephanie Patricia 2 months ago

Seems more like you're trying to break this dog than help him.

Deb Ranes 2 months ago

Having a akita a year and a half old has bitten my daughter and me and try to bite my husband tonight we have to sedate him to take him to the vet to get any shots are well checks we’re going to go and put him down because I haven’t been able to find anybody that would take him

Emily Woods 2 months ago

Positive reinforcement, positive associations, positive methods, time and patience is what this dog needs with realistic goals and expectations. Please don't pull the lead or force the dog to the ground to 'accept' people around or touching him. This dog needs to build trust and that takes time, there's no quick fix

Noto Lerenceno 2 months ago

I dont blame the poor dog one bit

Carmela Ewing 2 months ago

That doesn't look like an Australian Shepherd, it looks like a hybrid.