Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Kamala Harris: Most Cringe-Worthy Moments!

The Daily Caller • 11 months ago   8.1K     2.6K  •  680.1K Views
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Vice President Kamala Harris has been known to have an awkward moment or two during her campaign, so we compiled a few.

Posted 11 months ago in Politics
Bud Knorr
Bud Knorr11 months ago

One if the dumbest and most disliked politicians of all time. Questionable intelligence and experience level. Has accomplished nothing in her career except coziness with politicians that could advance her career. America deserves better.

Kenneth Russell
Kenneth Russell11 months ago

Can’t stand her smile, her laugh and her attitude. Another failure. Not a leader at all.

Judy Pryor
Judy Pryor11 months ago

Who is worse her or Joe. She is unfit to serve as VP

Jeanne Marie
Jeanne Marie11 months ago

Way to make yourself look worse... but that's okay, they arent ACTUALLY the people running the country now are they. Just performers keeping us occupied while secret agendas are being pushed..

Edward Nolan
Edward Nolan11 months ago

Strange laughter all the time-doesn’t seem Presidential but she’s right in line....

Brenda Thomas
Brenda Thomas11 months ago

She can never come back with any intelligent answer! All she does is laugh, to cover up ! God Bless America! So scary!

Le Jacob Xuan Phuong
Le Jacob Xuan Phuong11 months ago

Kamala Harris always against white supremacists, but she sleeps with a white man at night time.