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DEPORTATION FLIGHTS: New images show the chaotic scenes at the border as migrants try to enter the U.S., with at least 10,000 migrants still sheltering under the Del Rio bridge. Kenneth Moton has more as the Biden administration responds.

Laura Miller
Laura Miller4 months ago

That isn't chaos. I feel for those people. Someone promised them z free ride and that they would help them if they came over. The same people who promised that they would get every American and ally out of Afghanistan without any problem. The same people who authorized an " over the horizon " drone strike that killed aid workers and children. The same people who promised that Kamala Harris would take care of all this. And those same people are just horrified that one border guard got physical trying to round up some folks. Too bad they weren't horrified when they blew up the aid workers and children. Didn't see them in a press conference about that.

Alicia Holton
Alicia Holton4 months ago

What's sad is all these people that they are allowing in sick or not. But if you're an American citizen wanting to come back into the US you have to have a negative covid test.

Gloria Jensen
Gloria Jensen4 months ago

They need the national guard down there to keep things in check ! This is a land invasion of immense proportions and drastic measures need to be taken to peacefully contain the situation . I believe ex-leaders such as Obama , Clinton , Bush and George Soros orchestrated this terrible situation but of course no evidence will be found of it for awhile . How did all those people get there from so far away ,so quickly .

Bill Downs
Bill Downs4 months ago

Upset about this but they could careless about the Americans left in Afghanistan. Liberals care more about illegals than they do American citizens.

Julie Baq
Julie Baq4 months ago

Some of these comments are so cruel and heartless. They are seeking asylum. They should be entitled to due process!!!!

Janet Oconnor
Janet Oconnor4 months ago

Why don't Biden and Harris send some help down there . This disaster is on nobody but Biden and Harris.

Mike Burlingame
Mike Burlingame4 months ago

Every Politician should be mandated to spend 1 month on the Border Patrol, then they can speak to us about what is happening.

Windy Marie
Windy Marie4 months ago

These comments be are so sick. I can not believe that people are so ignorant and selfish. I am glad to know that nothing can touch the united states' and prevent us from the tragedies that are going in Haiti. Live your glass houses...and pray you will never have this problem. Just sick.

Mary Carreon
Mary Carreon4 months ago


Amy Marie
Amy Marie4 months ago

It sad anytime an immigrant gets sent back to their country, but all they have to do is go threw the process legally able to come live here in the United States. Go threw the process legally and if you’re willing to work here or as long as they’re willing to go to school. I don’t think it’ts a problem. We don’t need individuals coming from other countries to come here to live off of the system and we already have way too many people here in the United States having to rely on living off of the system. We have people living off the system here either because they are low income, disabled, elderly or just lazy and don’t wanna work.