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Tell Williams IV ( | shows us just what its like to live the life of a pre-k teacher
Uh-oh Pre-k parent Paws Hi mister Williams, You must be Devin's folks. Thank you so much for coming to conferences. Do you have any questions before we get started? Yeah. I know those are baby dolls. No anyone can play with them in the classroom. Yes, you run the boys. Why the boys. It's good for all kids to have that social emotional skills of like interaction with the baby. Yeah, you don't want Devin playing with them. Okay. Can I ask why you don't have to be? Okay, we know that playing with baby dolls is like make someone gay right am. I gay? Yeah. No. I'm a flaming homosexual. No. I didn't play baby dolls. Uh I'm more of a hot wheels kinda guy what made me gay then um I'm not sure if I put a finger on it would be seen Freddie Prince junior and Scooby Doo. Yeah. Your wife knows what I'm talking about hot right? Oh, I would have let him eat my pre-k as soon as Caroline gets here, we'll start class but we're. Caroline is that dropping you off today. Yeah. mom had to get to work early. so I'm dropping off today. Caroline tell daddy goodbye Goodbye Dad. No thank you pre K paws you need to sit in your chairs and read your books quietly. I have to call mommy real quick Karen. Why are we crying you too? What's going on your arms? itch? Well, we're in the middle of winter. It's dry skin season here just take some lotion. We don't need to cry. Yeah. everything will be fine 0 AM I too Hi. this is mister Williams. I'm calling because Austin hasn't been at school all week and I just wanna make sure everything's okay. Wow Okay. Um I know you don't think it's of my goddamn business, but I do need to fill out a justification form for his attendance. So I didn't even know why he hasn't been at school. Okay. don't be embarrassed. What's going on? There's an infestation. I don't get it. He's a rash. Okay. Do we know what caused the rash? I'm sorry did you say Oh, I got this. Hey there buddy. my name is mister Williams and I'm a pre-k teacher. Your friends invite me to come and talk to you because they said you have something very dangerous in your hands right now and I'm gonna need it. Oh you don't wanna give it to me. It's hard to let go of things that we like isn't it, but here's the thing. We're all much safer. If I have what you're holding so let me make you a deal. If you give me that I bet I can convince them to take you to the olive garden. Can you have unlimited soup salad and bread? Sticks I hope so alright, so I'm just gonna take this real quick. Okay. Well. Thank God. You didn't tweet that mister president arrest him pre K Pause Don't cry. I'm not mad. Okay. We're gonna try this one more time. I will say ABC and you respond with the next letter, which is d Okay. All you have to say is DABC. you say d. I'm gonna unmute you guys in one second. And we're gonna try it. okay. C three oh,

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