Chris D'Elia Reacts to Monkeys Stealing Coronavirus

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Chris talks about the monkeys that stole coronavirus in India and imagines Indian Jason Statham saving the day.

Posted 1 year ago

Pier Lůc Ranger 9 months ago

Aaaaa man I cried at the end. So funny.

Joshua Lynn 10 months ago

Dude, come back!! This is absurdity. You made me laugh so much, stop with this nonsense. Gotta have dents at this point

Kim Vrungos 1 year ago

Anybody, who is careless enough, to a low an ANIMAL in a Labroratoy setting, to steal a Testube, with a Lethal Virus in it, SHOULD GO TO PRISON.

SJ Gold 1 year ago

Hi Chris D'Elia Hoping your agent got you the advanced copy of my novelty book which my rep couriered over. Hoping it put a giggle in your day!:D

Did you get my book?

Kenneth Rodine 1 year ago

this dude is such. fucking tool bag I love how they make fun of his lame ass on Redbar (redbar)