Ben Shapiro - Biden’s border crisis is reportedly worse...

Ben Shapiro • 4 months ago   3.6K     580  •  215.9K Views

Biden’s border crisis is reportedly worse than people know, and the situation is getting more dire by the day. Shapiro weighs in.

Carol Davisson
Carol Davisson4 months ago

I though Kamala was supposed to be doing something??

Debbie King Killian
Debbie King Killian4 months ago

What a shame. Shame on Joe Biden.
We all are well aware of the struggles of many. However, to encourage such immigration to a country who can't handle their own problems ... WITHOUT a border crisis to contend with ... is ludicrous. And that is what this incompetent Administration is ...
How DARE the Administration say they care about humanity.
They are inhumane, using these people for VOTES!
They WILL answer to God. Those individuals would have been better staying put. Our country is going in the same direction as what they left.

Astrid Juliette Baez
Astrid Juliette Baez4 months ago

It’s an invasion! They are release illegal by the thousands into out country. The country aa we once knew it it’s completely vanishing in front of our eyes

Linda Tigar
Linda Tigar4 months ago

I pray for the border patrol,their job is so intense.Biden can stop this but he wont.Just like he handled afghanistan.Hes a dictater out for himself & his party.I blame them too

Brent Bolen
Brent Bolen4 months ago

Both parties are worthless. One party waits till it’s bad and then they blame the other party. This only hurts American taxpayers who foot the bill for this bs. Stop them before they get into America. Now we have 3 million more illegals and we are spreading 100s of billions that we don’t have. Every politician in Washington needs to resign now

Amy Knox
Amy Knox4 months ago

Why are truckloads of people people hidden and dropped off in mostly red states?

Brenda Michael
Brenda Michael4 months ago

Let’s also remember they are arriving by the thousands. If it took 5 flights to return 145. That’s less than 50 per plane. How many thousands is this costing tax payers. Not to mention the overtime being paid and hotel bills for all those troopers. The environmental impact is a complete disaster as well.

Brian Barrack
Brian Barrack4 months ago

What a waste of tax payers money. We feed everyone, test everyone, then fly them home to repeat, wash, rinse and dry. The tax payer money wasted could have paid for a big ass wall. I feel for those people but they need to stand up in their country and fight corruption, and make changes. Overrunning our boarders is not the answer. I’m tired of the fighting age men fighting to get into our country but not fighting for their own country.

Dan Chadwick
Dan Chadwick4 months ago

Here's the reason why they all come. Demoracarets with and directing Biden has a plan for mass fraud for the next election. Get everyone in as much as possible , to hell with anyone else, we have to stay in power ! No matter what we have to do.. Let them come in , turn a blind eye like my friend does best Harris, take her lead and turn your head , make excuses then laugh in their face because there's nothing they can do because " I am President " Ass hole , but remember !! Kids love to rub my legs all the way to my crouch I love the kids rub my legs, I k ow about kids sitting on grown Men's laps and I love it !! All of my Democrat party and leg rubbers understand and support it !! So if you don't get the vaccine , your not a pervert !! No ice cream for you....

Bev Cagle
Bev Cagle4 months ago

We will soon be looking alike a third world country - - sad how much Joe and the Dems hate this country - - if they loved it they would not be destroying it.