EVIL Plan To Sink Single Payer Healthcare in NY

The Young Turks • 8 months ago   99     7  •  5.5K Views
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EVIL Plan To Sink Single Payer Healthcare in NY

Posted 8 months ago in Politics
Tamara Wilson
Tamara Wilson7 months ago

I haven’t understood why we as a nation refuse to untethered ourselves from medical services from our benefit packages as employees. Why employers are not will to go through the process and work on a national or state level in a all national healthcare system? Where everyone pays in, taking that burned off the employer and employee?! The answer is wages! If the employee tries to push for higher was, the employers can push back on the fact the healthcare providers has increase their cost. And employers don’t want to take on that higher cost. The employer wants the individual to take it. That’s the problem; the healthcare system is the problem!

Paul Fouchia
Paul Fouchia8 months ago

They did the same thing in California. So much for "Blue States".

Joey Leardi
Joey Leardi8 months ago

It’s the good ol’ bought and paid for Republikkkans doing what they do best, delay, obstruct, and kill good legislation. It should be against the law to belong to that party. 😡😡😡

John Bodinger
John Bodinger8 months ago


Harry Lal
Harry Lal8 months ago

Brutal and honest 👏👏 great journalism ! Now bring the people together..🇬🇧