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Posted 1 year ago in Religion & Spirituality

Akindele Onaolapo 1 year ago

You are among those driving this community yet you keep talking about love..

Sirheed Ola Oladeji 1 year ago

That woman said many Alfa's always patronize her,pls Abu say something about those Alfa's

Tope Tj 1 year ago

Salam alekun

Azeez Abidemi 1 year ago

Salaam alaykum waramotulilahi wabarakatul

Bayo Ibrahim 1 year ago

Sheikh are you at Mushin, i can see some railroad at your back
Abu Awero one love

Smileonly Mma 1 year ago

True talk may almighty Allah bless you more knowledge

Khaphilat Abike Inakoju 1 year ago

Yeah when there is love, there will always be peace

Sirheed Ola Oladeji 1 year ago

Abu awero pls u should advise those Muslim that going to meet those alowo people,that woman was angry to there members in awo that goes against her

Azeez Abidemi 1 year ago

Aameena Ya ALLAHU

Sunmibare Olatunji Gold 1 year ago

Well done sir