DDR Classroom Edition Announced

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DDR is coming to select U.S. schools this Fall by way of DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition! Up to 48 students will be able to simultaneously work...

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ScoreBenz Unicron Yee
ScoreBenz Unicron Yee3 years ago

i hella love this game still. i am an old school DDR dancer.for the memories and everything with it. i started on DDR solo and 2nd mix. i got better..i played off and on. i see other new dance games like just dance and dance central...nothing tops DDR!

Sergio CheGuevara
Sergio CheGuevara4 years ago

vez por que es mejor que la pump Nagisa Hana Kokoro

Ron Japheth Christopher Manahan
Ron Japheth Christopher Manahan5 years ago

And instead of giving a student detention, force them to play MAX 300.

Justin Pobadora
Justin Pobadora6 years ago


Justin Pobadora
Justin Pobadora6 years ago


Justin Pobadora
Justin Pobadora6 years ago

hahaha yaik man

Theresa Borrelli
Theresa Borrelli7 years ago

I used the original from the console when I taught....It was a huge hit with the students.