Reds Crew Member Goes After Ball, Falls Badly

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A superb effort here. Watch to the end 😫

(via FOX Sports Wisconsin)

Posted 1 year ago in Sports

Mary Dwyer Osterhage 1 year ago

The Reds ground crew have been tremendous during this season! Always cheering and rooting the team on! Thanks ground crew it's been fun watching you this year! It was cool watching the players Wednesday night thanking you! Class act!

Tom Zanetos 1 year ago

He’s the good luck charm. Everyone all in! Go reds

Reno Conner 1 year ago

In his head he was thinking that was his chance to show off his speed and agility in hopes of getting signed by the club 😂

Alanda Lynn 1 year ago

I laughed a little too hard when this happened. This almost made up for the Brewer loss....almost 🤣

Jon Mayer 1 year ago

Reds trying to get to the playoffs - a metaphor. (said as a lifelong reds fan)

Don Olson Ostapowicz 1 year ago

I congratulate him on his enthusiasm. But if you'll notice, he steps on the foul line on his return trip. Don't mess with baseball karma. 😉

Chris Clift 1 year ago

Shows more hustle than some players.

Scott Meaden 1 year ago

Stepped on the line...

Charles Agee 1 year ago

Salvador Alex Nick Chi Rob maybe it's just best be stay away from the ballpark for this very reason!

Jake Kadich 1 year ago

Sam Renner this was you running to the cashier 1 pitch before the 2 run Bomb to kill your under last night.