AYTO? Couples That Are Still Going Strong

Are You The One? • 2 years ago   4K     72  •  500.7K Views
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Are you surprised that any of these Are You The One? couples are still together? Was there anyone who didn't work out that you expected to last? 🤔

Ashley Edouard
Ashley Edouard1 year ago

Whitney Lima bro i didn't know he was from this

Michaela Camille Casasiempre
Michaela Camille Casasiempre2 years ago

Hdh gdhhanhdvsh gs

Mhira Misha La Torre
Mhira Misha La Torre2 years ago


Juliette Kolijn
Juliette Kolijn2 years ago

Did not expect Cali en Thomas🤗

Misty Renee
Misty Renee2 years ago

Finally! Can we get some
More couple updates!

Obaapa Gifty
Obaapa Gifty2 years ago

I like your convenience and congrats to Ethan and Amber i love it