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Are you surprised that any of these Are You The One? couples are still together? Was there anyone who didn't work out that you expected to last? 🤔
Explain why you just like have been avoiding me like the bike cuz I honestly like that's weird. It's me that is really weird. It's weird because I was afraid that you were trying to you know explore other options and I didn't want to get strong feelings for you and then lose them because I see you and Adam talking about how could that not cause your mind that you could like get so intimate with someone and then then just just like like absolutely absolutely ignore ignore them them for for days days. days. and for that to be like. Any better okay, it wasn't Ethan chose me at the match up. I was a little thrown off by it since he hasn't really touched me in the past few days, but I'm not gonna lie. It's really really excited. I feel so bad about ignoring you. I now realize that while I wasn't talking to Amber, I wasn't as happy as I was when I was talking to Amber and now I know that Amber could very well be my perfect match. You're my number one. For showing so far, I'm pretty stupid sometimes when I call your name head on up here and choose your perfect match. The two of you will then place your palms on the hand. Print touch pads locking you in as a couple first up for the gentleman is Ethan Hey. Okay, Ethan Who's your perfect match? There's only one girl here. I don't need the truth to tell me who it is my perfect match is Amber Amber Come on up. Go ahead and lock in. Ethan What about Amber made you like her so much? I see Amber and I I see her walking in a room and everything just lights up. You know, hurt's smile melts my heart every time I see it and I know that there's no one in the world that I'm drawn to more than Amber and every second that I I spend spend away away away from from from her her her just just just breaks breaks breaks breaks my my my my heart. heart. heart. heart. Oh Oh Oh my. my my did did it it rain. rain or something No. Amber I want you to take this journey with me for the rest of my life. Yes, I wanna share these feelings with you forever. I love you. I love you. I love. So is that a yes, Yes, I'm Yes. Yeah. It up for Ethan and Amber A million Bucks and a proposal. you guys. Yeah. Three Bess three weeks, so we need to be at no-I and where you at I don't feel good about it either. bro. Oh that be don't have names on them. I'm saying something I do, I do nude post as well, like suggesting you Doss. Yeah, sometimes like cuz I have a calendar. I don't have like a calendar coming out and it's like it's not let's not. It's not new where it's like you're in the same, but it's like girls hit me up on social media every day like I'm in love with you. I wanna marry you and just because of the way I look, but I'm a person you know. I'm I'm not just a body. I'm I'm I'm I'm not not just just just abs abs abs in in in and and and and eyes eyes eyes. eyes you you you know know know I I I I have have have have a a a. a personality. personality personality. I I care care about about people people. so. But you're also like you think that you need all those months you're every month. Those are the guys that I go for the guys that are always in the spotlight cuz that's what I'm attracted to like in College. I started dating football players even if I weren't treating me right, it was like it's cool that I'm dating when we get to the end of February. We're gonna turn new picture, but it's still you yes. it's it's on on my my my calendar. so I'm I'm gonna gonna keep keep it it real real real with with with you. you. you. Listen Listen. Listen. Listen I I I I I. like like Clint Clint now now I'm I'm I'm I I I need need need need you you you you to to to to back back back back up up up up but. but but but but I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna gonna gonna gonna let let let let you you you you know know know know know that that that that that I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. gonna gonna gonna gonna be be be. be aggressive aggressive aggressive towards towards towards him, him him, but but. but I'm I'm not not gonna gonna back back up. up dude if I. I even thought I had to. With him like Holy, that's baby Jesus right there and I thought I had a chance I would not back off. Guadalupe Lupe Nice. Kunta can. I'll fix your bra strap your baiting suit strap. I definitely think that and I connection is a lot deeper than a lot of the matches. I'm trying to be in this House, make connections and talk to everybody. but still he's really the only person that I wanna talk to. So would you consider as doing huh? right now? I think that you're dating a woman girls and I'm dating 11 guys right now. That's what it is. but like obviously, you know how much I like you and I could see myself with you after this if I didn't see anything outside of this if I didn't care about you and want something out of this, I would just stop talking to you, but we said to see where it goes from here like I said, We gotta see how we operate outside of this, but like I like a. Cryptic Okay. I've been keeping it as real as I possibly can with her. It's scary how much I've started to care and headphones for. but at the end of the day like we're not a match and I'm still trying to figure things out for myself. So I'm not gonna promise you anything because when I start promising things and I can't back it up and it doesn't happen. That's when you're gonna be disappointed. very cool. I guess yes. Brand new stay strong entire season, even though the Truth Booth confirmed that they were no match. are you two still together now we are. How's it been, I mean amazing. She's absolutely amazing. How are you guys making this work You guys live in the same city after the show she ended up moving to Florida to Orlando and I moved back to my hometown, which is Palm Bay and it's literally an hour and a half an hour away from one another wow. So I mean we just always on the weekends. We're always with each other church Sunday dinners all that she met the whole family. E-j. did your mom still think you're a virgin if she's a. She's a physician how she react to you guys this season. does your mom like it? She loves Clinton. He spends the night at my House all time. I don't know if she thinks playing monopoly. I don't know what, but we still haven't actually called one another boyfriend girlfriend. I have an a her yet like what she wanna be my girlfriend. so you know I was hoping to take this moment to ask her if we could make it official and you know the boyfriend and girlfriend you know what I'm saying. You know I've been waiting a long time this, so the answer is yes. yes. Yeah. Yeah. congratulations guys and thank you guys are beautiful when I look at Cali. She's so different. What I'm used to like you know Miami's Allred tits big booty. I'm really trying to get to know Cali more. I think that we have multiple soulmates in our lives, but I do believe that there's one person that I'm meant to be so being here is a Dream come true. Absolutely incredible. so the best one I've Tomas and I finally have some one on one time. It's just so cute. but part of me is scared me and I fall hard and I fall fast and I just don't wanna get hurt again. Why are you here? I still got this. I'm not in a relationship with a guy like I just meet a girl. You know I have fun and next week. I'm with someone else. I'm doing a course like you know like dating dummies right now, like damn dude I only had serious relationships so I know I can help them. Sings out they were fun. I like that's what we'll find out today. We'll see. I'll make it to you, You know. yeah. you're really make me a plain tortilla me Cali. We went on a day week one and like I saw like her, you know like what we connected on is still there. It's not gonna go away, but I know that she's been also you know, bonding and vibing with him. So maybe in the future we get back together who knows you know, but there's something there's something there you've been on a date. We don't really have to talk about now. We're in the water like he was half drowning. I look over and he's like no. I don't really drowning in the beginning. I think that I judged Tomas space on the fact that he hasn't been in a committed relationship, but at the same time baby, I was wrong. I'm still trying to get to know him so I'm open to the possibilities. There's a lot that I love you. I told you a lot about me. I don't know what to tell you. I don't think we got two years for us and and I I don't don't think think you you got got got toros toros toros toros. but but what what what what is is just is happening happened. happening happening at at at the the the time. time. time, but I wanna do it today. I'm. I'm I'm just just four four days. days. What was it about Soma capture attention? he liked to listen. I didn't really learn a lot about him at first, but over time he was just very stable and he was so supportive. Where are you guys at now? we're dating fire it up. I wanted to say it's all bad. I mean.

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