This Morning - A 40 year old jumper?! 😲Show us your...

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A 40 year old jumper?! 😲Show us your vintage items below πŸ‘‡

Evelyn Grimshaw
Evelyn Grimshaw4 months ago

My mum got this bought for her when she was a nanny in service, myself and my sister were sewing on it from 5yrs old and I'm 74 now, dad took it off the treadle base and made it electric, it still sews great, I'm so proud to have had it passed down to me x

Craig Ryrie Hodge
Craig Ryrie Hodge4 months ago

Genuine 1940's RAF Greatcoat, purchased off Fleabay & it's like new! I'm returning it to RAF spec with Kings Crown Buttons & eagles etc

Corinne Bryan
Corinne Bryan4 months ago

Pilgrim progress Book from 1866, i love collecting old books especially of the victoriana era ❀

Jacqueline Butler'
Jacqueline Butler'4 months ago

I absolutely love Gyles. Could listen to him all day

Heather Roach
Heather Roach4 months ago

Just yesterday mum told me told me about a gansey that belonged to my stepdad 50 years ago. He said it was so durable it could be passed down the generations. My brother wears it now.

Carole Humphris
Carole Humphris4 months ago

It looks 40 years old !! It’s revolting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Craig Ryrie Hodge
Craig Ryrie Hodge4 months ago

Late 60's / Early 70's leather trenchcoat which I've just cleaned & given a bit of tender loving care with some leather balm. Lovely, lovely coat

Claire Cressey
Claire Cressey4 months ago

My husband Simon πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ€£πŸ€£

Su Johnstone
Su Johnstone4 months ago

My 1963 marmet pram. Used by my grandson.

Cheryl Unsworth
Cheryl Unsworth4 months ago

This is from the 1980's and the design won a competition on Saturday Superstore. It was designed for a-ha. I knitted mine and wore it when I met Morten Harket with Dreams Come True when I had Leukaemia.