Andrew Holness - Since 2016, this government has so far...

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Since 2016, this government has so far rebuilt, refurbished, improved or upgraded 103 of 186 police station. No other government has ever done that in...

Posted 1 year ago

Maxwell Solomon 1 year ago

i know Jamaican don't really trust their government but this time they could come off the fence and give the PM a hand while holding his feet to the fire he is really trying he is not going to get everything right but he is out there letting the folks know what he is doing cant ask for more but he needs all the help he can get remember its our country too

Natalie Gordon 1 year ago

Yes PM you're doing what they put you in power to don't watch who and what never done by JLP and PNP continued to build up Jamaica sir its your duty.

Jermaine Donavon 1 year ago

186 18.5 = 10
PNP come here 🤣

Tatlyn Daley 1 year ago

can you improve the water situation please especially in Kingwood st Andrew even twice a week is good enough the water not going on the hill at all you're my prime minister and nothing would not change that....just send some water on the hill please and thanks God bless you sir