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Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are not afraid of what people think.
We're We're back back with with with. Lily Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Fonda and and we're we're gonna gonna play play play a a a game. game. game game in in honor honor of of this season's Grayson Grayson Frankie Frankie Frankie it's it's it's called. called called Lily Lily Lily and and and Jane. Jane Jane Jane Don't don't don't give a a I I apologize apologize apologize for for for that. that. that. that's That's That's the the the name name name of of of of the the the the game game game. game and and and I I I Didn't. Didn't Didn't. Didn't. I I I I Didn't. Didn't Didn't Didn't write it, but that's the the theme. theme. That That That was was was the the the thing. thing thing. It's It's It's the the. the the theme. theme. theme. You know You know know you you you get get get old old old and and. and then then who who gives gives a. a right right. Right the theme this season is I don't give a right so I'm gonna hit the button and random questions were pop up and you have to both answer honestly with the first thing that comes comes to to mind. mind. Alright. Your best your first Celebrity crush. Oh Tony Curtis Okay. Dorothy Malone Okay. Started early something everyone loves, but you hate mashed potatoes. I love em. I was I don't know why I said that but. Jane Cooked bananas of any kind. Alright. Do you wanna redo you wanna direct yourself now you've lost the Hispanic audience. I'm not running for office. It doesn't alright. I'm gonna say I hate cotton balls. I don't know who likes him, but I hate cotton balls balls. I don't even want to say the word okay. let's go. Your go-to excuse to get out of something I'm old. Try again. Describe each other in one word genius. It's It's not not yes, yes, it it is is it's. it's it's it's not not not true. true. true. true. It's totally not true. true. First first of of all all all you'd you'd you'd like like like to to to do do do a a a a love. love love love scene scene scene with with. with with Liam. Liam Liam Neeson. Neeson. Or Blake Shelton, Like Sheldon Blake Shelton, Lily, Oh, Dorothy Dorothy Malone Malone she she died. died. died well. Me. I'm not I'm not gonna say yes, I know I I know know know there's there's there's enough enough enough of of of that that that. going going around around. anyway. I I have have a a a hard hard hard time time time answering answering answering. answering this this this this. okay because honestly I I love. love love Jane. Jane. I I I can't can't can't can't. it's hard for me to think think of of see see see. that's that's that's the the the the right right right. right answer. answer. answer. answer. No No. No. that's the right answer answer cuz cuz cuz you're you're you're telling telling telling me me me it's it's it's the the. the right right answer. answer. In many ways, alright, the new season of Grace and Frankie is available on Netflix this Friday. We'll be right back.

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