Pattycake Is Super Intense Now - Making Fun with Akilah and Milana

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Pattycake but make it feminist. #WomensHistoryMonth

Posted 8 months ago in Social Issues

Comedy Central 7 months ago

We can make this future our history. Let’s get to work! Visit

Kyle Johnson 3 months ago

This was effing wild and I loved every minute of it.

Jessica Parras 7 months ago

This is off topic but I miss making friends like kids. Where you could just run up to some kid in your neighborhood and be like, I have that barbie too. And boom best friends. It was that easy.

Chelsie Rachal 7 months ago

This is all basically the mental chatter the back of my mind that I’m so tired of lol

Trey Bross 7 months ago

Actually pretty funny, better than anything trevar Noah does lmao

Rutol Yoko Koko 7 months ago

Well I can get something out of the fun game telling me there's no difference between colours in human being we are all same,, peace out

Aruto Isobe 29 days ago

Caleigh Oliver now I’d be impressed if you learnt this

Akilah Nicole Faner 7 months ago

I don't know what the game is but its kinda fun and funny.😂

And I just commented 'cause we have the same name. K bye

Joshua De Leon 7 months ago

My fat ass kept reading it as pancakes but make it feminist, and I was like why would u bring food into this