Have I Completely Lost My Mind?😭 - Victorian Hair Tutorial

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Have I Completely Lost My Mind?😭 - Victorian Hair Tutorial

Posted 5 months ago in Fashion & Style

Brad Mondo 5 months ago

Hi Beautiful!💖 Today I tried to do hair like a Victorian woman would do, and let me tell you... it was IMPOSSIBLE. Their hair looks were so difficult back then!
Is there any hairstyle that you would like me to try out?

Brad Mondo 4 months ago

Would you guys let me do one of these hairstyles on you? 🤣

Justine Boom Sanborn 4 months ago

If you weave some bobby pins on the sides, it will keep the rolls closer to the scalp.

I want to see you do some pinup hairstyles!!

Britany Joy 4 months ago

My five year old son: I want red hair like him! His is so cool!

Leigh Ann Harris-Mitchell 4 months ago

I think you did a fantastic job. Pretty close given that your reference pic is a side profile. The trend when I went to prom was the French twist with the loose curls spilling out the top. Lol. That was in the 90s. It was a chore for my stylist as I have really thick hair. She did an amazing job.

Nicole Smith 4 months ago

Could you show more curly hair styles? I have very long, very curly hair and I have no idea on how to style it. I love your videos and the best thing I've learned is not to bleach my own hair!

Beth DeWitt 4 months ago

Kinda reminds me of the Step mom from Cinderella!

Sarah Palmer 4 months ago

Victorian hair with nice twiddly Tudor court music

Heather Bunting Robinson 4 months ago

That’s why they had ladies maids… and hair pieces to add in

Agnė Čeponytė 4 months ago

The hair you did was awesome. BUT he stuble on your jaw is AMAZING!!!