Triple Double

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Mood for the rest of Q4.


Posted 12 months ago in Sports

Chad Cook 12 months ago

You're a huge inspiration to me and thank you for all that you do Eric.

Patsy Beckett 12 months ago

This hit home!!! Get outside and play with your kids, don't get out worked. Nip ✂ certain habits and games that create social stigmas that can harm our children in the future.

Hansley Hnh Jones 12 months ago

Tim Duncan was one of my favourites back in the day! Just humble and got it done! get the rings to prove it. Don't get outworked! I hear you ET!

Sean Krysztofik 12 months ago

When you started talking about kids, that hit home. I'm being outworked right now.

TRenee Baylor-Tabb 11 months ago

Thats good.....

Elihu Amaro Vivian 12 months ago

Alex Flores We got this Jefe!! 🔥🔥

Anetra Douglas Pitts 12 months ago

You are such a inspiration thank you!

Sherwin Bizkit 12 months ago

I heard and felt that. ❤

Alex King 11 months ago

Kim Bright