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‘POWER COULDN’T HANDLE IT’: The parents of Lt. Col. Stu Scheller tell Tucker Carlson their son’s only crime was ‘speaking truth to power.’

Paul Peter
Paul Peter15 days ago

Retire Col. Hackworth wrote a book called, "About Face" many years ago. It quite clearly identifies the problems of the command staff of the US military.

Richard L DePaulo Jr.
Richard L DePaulo Jr.3 months ago

♦️This below case By Biden Justice Department resembles a “Gift” more than anything.
♦️ Lousy lawyers and Government under President Biden had absolutely no desire to win its own case thus throwing taxpayers to the wolves of whom never would have had to one one red cent out on a case like this.
♦️The taxpayers got screwed for the taking and the Government refuses to Appeal the case.
♦️Whereas President Trump ’s Lawyers were so much better performing all up and down teh administration winning cases and enforcing our laws. ♦️The case could never be won under republican conservative trump judges it can only be won under Obama Biden ultra liberal legislate from the bench judges.
♦️The case failed to have both legitimacy and merits, it normally resembles a legal joke to a god law team however to the horrible law team beneath President Biden it rode out badly for the taxpayers of the United States of America leaving them alone out on a plank.
♦️The case should have been dismissed it has no merits. Best Wishes ~

Charleston church shooting victims strike $88 million settlement with Justice Dept.

Earl Burnett
Earl Burnett3 months ago

Hey Phil hello from chicken Man

Daren Gull
Daren Gull3 months ago The Real Tucker Carlson Exposed. American corruption at its worst. Wow

Leann Haughney Kappler
Leann Haughney Kappler3 months ago


Bret Ware
Bret Ware3 months ago

They must not understand how the military works, it's insubordination whether it's the truth or not. There's no way if it was the other way around the Republicans would stand for it. Hard to figure how many so many people can be controlled like puppets, but then again simply think of all the religions in the world, people are sheep. Stop living vicariously through bulshit

Becca Schillings
Becca Schillings3 months ago

god knows he spoke the truth and god will intervien in this he will be set free

Junior Gunn
Junior Gunn3 months ago

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Junior Gunn
Junior Gunn3 months ago

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Junior Gunn
Junior Gunn3 months ago

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