Trump Attacks AOC, Nancy Pelosi and “Mad Woman” Kamala Harris | The Tonight Show

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Jimmy covers today’s news from the USPS Business to the new Pringles flavor in tonight’s monologue.

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Yvonne Henri Story 1 year ago

The ovulation joke = hilarious 😂

Adrienne Dickey 1 year ago

Jimmy Oh Jimmy silly man Gee what a great guy you can and have been ..... drop the hater stuff maybe occasionally say a funny reference but not this all out every nite! At first you got back to the real you! Be you! It’s the kindest way to be the best you can be!💭🌺💭

Jenni Vanderzel 1 year ago

Wow. Think quarantine was not so good for your writers. Not one laugh on this.

Nicole Harrington Rosso 1 year ago

Thanks for the laughs Jimmy! In these crazy times it’s nice to lighten up the mood. Need it. Keep it up.

Diane Worley 1 year ago

Sick of the politics on these late night shows :( they aren't helping us 'escape' every day life :(

Cathy Atkinson-Kempton 1 year ago

Love you Jimmy Fallen! Keep lighting up our lives with humor to get through this nightmare we are going through at this time! ❤❤❤

Derek Gyssels 1 year ago

Jimmy seems genuinely detached from these monologues anymore. There's no heart. I don't see the lighthearted jokester many people love. I know hes said in the past he likes to stay away from the politics. I think hes reading these monologues, written for him, because he has to...

Kim Craft 1 year ago

All late night hosts have done this for years!! Get over it.

Rick Caruso 1 year ago

Sorry Jimmy, your not so funny the last couple shows and tonights show just plain cold
I’m going to use my time better and go to sleep
Getting Old listening to your anti Trump stuff
i think there are is so much better material about the Dems and main stream news to be harvested

Sharon Bates 1 year ago

I don’t understand why all the people who are complaining about Jimmys monologue keep watching. Just change the station.