BBC One - An important message from the #DragRaceUK queens.

BBC One • 4 months ago   251     22
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An important message from the #DragRaceUK queens.

Oliver Reuben David Wraith
Oliver Reuben David Wraith4 months ago

Love it! Ding ...dang ...drama

Pam Tandy
Pam Tandy4 months ago

How come it was not shown on BBC1 like the last drag race uk

Gail Moore
Gail Moore4 months ago

Katie Moore

Kevin Emexfive
Kevin Emexfive4 months ago

Jesus! I hope they reinforced that stage….
That’s the only important takeaway from this rambling, incoherent mess

Bronwen Irene Williams
Bronwen Irene Williams4 months ago

Gavin Nicholls best all round drag entertainer at Pearly Grey Tenerife.

Kathrine Measday
Kathrine Measday4 months ago


Kim Sherlock
Kim Sherlock4 months ago

Love it. 🤣

Lindsay Hewitt
Lindsay Hewitt4 months ago