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Posted 9 months ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Tami Potts 9 months ago

You can get attachments for necklaces that can hook to the chains and then a strong magnet, to put on and take off easier. This is nice if you have long nails or arthritis.

Wanda Reisig 9 months ago

Hello from Montana! Love your merchandise and love your show!

Debbie Traylor 9 months ago

Joy you are so sweet I really love the move shirt missed the price

Jenny Price 9 months ago

Love the earnings. Cold and rainy in Tallahassee. You a joy to watch, I am able catch you live.馃槉

Jackie Martonik 9 months ago

I love this segment...although my hubby thinks I an addicted馃槀

Kathy Polderman 9 months ago

Would look awesome with a long necklace! I know you felt beautiful ones

Deborah Piersante 9 months ago

The great and everything joy! Maybe you can get Someone from the shabby tree stuff to model you are plus size clothing so we can get a good idea of how it will look

Dawn Fields 9 months ago

I love watching all of you on the Shabby Tree. I especially love watching your Mom and all her excitement when she does crafts!!鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍馃弬鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍鉂勶笍鉀勶笍

'Carol Higgins Davis 9 months ago

Kidney wire is correct. It鈥檚 been around a long time.

Robin Goodman 9 months ago

Hi joy! I can tell you take a lot of pride in having all the information for these products! Your doing a great job! Thank you!