RecipeGirl - Truly the best PUMPKIN BREAD RECIPE. I've...

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Truly the best PUMPKIN BREAD RECIPE. I've been making this recipe forever. We love it!
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RecipeGirl4 months ago


Earlene Alber
Earlene Alber4 months ago

I see you love sunflower 🌻 in your kitchen too!! This arrangement is above my kitchen table! I have 20-30 people for Thanksgiving & will definitely make this bread!! 🍁♥️

Karen Ferraro Lovett
Karen Ferraro Lovett4 months ago

I just printed this recipe out today, I will make it this weekend. I guess my only suggestion is that I would not wrap it in foil first. Wrap it in plastic wrap then foil.

Lois Galles
Lois Galles4 months ago

Made this today.... Easy to share/give... I put it in 6 small loaf pans and bake for 40 minutes. Perfect.

Cindy Clinch
Cindy Clinch4 months ago

This is hands down the best pumpkin bread EVER! ❤️

Sissy Woods
Sissy Woods4 months ago

Looks delicious 😋

Ruthann Jacklin
Ruthann Jacklin4 months ago

That looks yummy!

Dillon Rose
Dillon Rose4 months ago

The pumpkin bread mix from Trader Joe’s is the best I’ve had. Especially if you add choco chips 😋

Bernadette Graham-Bowerfind
Bernadette Graham-Bowerfind4 months ago

Yum looks great!

Michelle Longdon
Michelle Longdon4 months ago

Beth Bradley this looks nice