You are enough!!

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You are ENOUGH!!

Posted 1 year ago

Michelle Vezina 1 year ago

I love you MJ!! Your messages are soooooo encouraging!!❤❤❤

Armelle Lelle 1 year ago

I have been trying this for several years now, but life keeps on throwing difficulties in my face each time I succeed in thinking positive. So how do I deal with that? I've lost faith...

Juliet Love Dies 1 year ago

I swear I needed that I've felt like I was broken for a while I just dont talk about about to anyone I just stay to myself and my boy's

Pip Williams 1 year ago

Thank you for that. I listen to you all the time. I don't comment on the videos, I just normally just take them in. My life has taken a major hit to it and has changed drastically so it's hard to stay positive but I try. So I needed this particular video as a reminder. Thank you so much.

Waltzacross Heaven 1 year ago

Really, 🤪 .. you are my favourite I watch every video that you make and all these bad thoughts I have in my mind it's not because I don't even know I try and I try and I'm all alone,,, I try everyday not to think of that bad stuff in I tried to think of the good stuff it's very hard very hard ....
When I wake up in the morning my mind roll and the only thing is negativity stuff I'm about to get attacked by Pitbulls I'm about to run over by a car I got to keep my grandbabies safe from harm, I got to remember they're all equal I do not favour one from the other what do I do with them thoughts mg what do I poop troll how do I control my mind...MMMMM

Terria Wright 1 year ago

I never think negative thoughts about myself. I think negative thoughts when my enemy sends a message saying, "I will get you . . . ."

Jill Ogbolu 1 year ago

Thank u mj for your words of wisdom, is it possible to do a video on how to handle controlling and narcissistic men?.. I'm a new member on your Facebook page though, and i don't think i have seen you do a video on that topic in my opinion, i believe it's important we get some guidance in that direction because sadly we one way or the other come in contact with men/women who emit such negative energy. so i would really like to know how to handle such people... thank u for always inspiring us with your words of wisdom.

Sharon Brantley 1 year ago

You are speaking the truth when I am having sleepless nights

Duwanah Flomo 1 year ago

I don’t like the idea of being gay but Mj you are really an awesome person u are a good example of how we as humans should live our limitless life more love Mj

Bola Yusuph 1 year ago

Thanks MJ. These words are just for me. A few days to my birthday and I am just down like I got nobody in this world . Every of my birthday reminds me of my late daughter's father.. he was always there to give me some surprises and love... It's 10yrs down the drain. But with your words this moment.. I have my daughter (11yrs) therefore I have somebody.. thanks best friend. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰👍