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Interesting things we didn't know we needed to know, brought to you by Jearrod Fountain (
Five a prime example of why keeping your door closed during the fire, The main house is burnt to a crisp, but over in the master bedroom, it looks virtually untouched. thanks to the door. Number four. These are three hostages and they're kidnapped in the bank and Stockholm Sweden, and they're the reason for the term Stockholm syndrome. They defended their capturing court and they wouldn't even testify against them. Number three albino animals have the genetic mutation where they lack melanin, but you know the opposite. melanin animals are deep black versions, though humans cannot develop this condition number two the tallest. Confirmed man in history is Roberto. He stood a whopping eight foot eleven inches, one inch high from nine feet. He passed away at the young age of twenty-two. five interesting stuff number five. This is one of the first cat videos ever recorded. It's colorized and speed adjusted the original looks like this. Number four, This is what a bald eagles nest looks like normal right well. Here's a human for scale, usually three feet deep and five foot wide, but some have been found to be almost ten feet wide number three. Here's a white blood cell chasing and killing a bacteria. It's able to track it by following the trail of its secretions. You have this guy to think for living a healthy life number two. The first practical helicopter was admitted in 1939, but this is an early concept for a helicopter in the year. 1922, which now we know, was a hovering death trap and really makes people wonder why they use so many propellers and number one Julian Simon standing at seven feet tall. She's one of the tallest female. Players to ever live She's from Latvia and in time playing for the Soviet Union, she never lost a single game of international competition. She won fifteen championships, Fifteen European Championship cups and two gold medals and stuff in five. These are kids remote learning during the polio outbreak in 1940, the teachers would teach her lessons over the radio and the best part was East class of only 15 minutes long number four. This is the arise to be the most likely way the East Island heads were moved into position. Number three syndrome is AX cold temperatures or stress. It makes a blood vessel spasm, which restrict the blood flow to the hands. It's kind of that. when the blood flow does return, it is extremely painful kind of like a shock number. two sex workers in Greece would advertise their services by wearing shoes that would make an imprint into the sand. The print would read. follow me for the customers know where to find them and number one some passive aggressive behavior. These two are competing for territory, which everyone gives up first has to leave. That's a pretty petty behavior for a fish. Five interesting stuff five interesting stuff number five. This is the world record largest balloon in the world being popped and on a more terrifying note number four a snake can actually slither down and throw undetected while you're asleep. This is what the process of removing it looks like. Number three, this is a face of prosthesis for wounded soldier in World War one this is healed face without it, and this is him with it. The reason many of these don't remain even though so many were created is that they were seen as a piece of their true face, so they were respectfully buried with them still attached number two. The house was a pic floating with this many balloons, but in reality, it wouldn't be somewhere around this many balloons just to leave the ground and number one if you were ever wondering what the most common letter in the English languages, it's a letter E. While Jay is the least common with this display, you can also see what the letters most often used. So if you know anyone would say the letter J in their name treat them. They're special.

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