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The Cleveland Division of Police is investigating a shooting involving one of its officers and a suspect with an ax.

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Maria Snider
Maria Snider4 months ago

Totaly Agree Cleveland Police did what they had to do to take a armed man off the streets Hero and Heros

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee4 months ago

I think the cleveland police are hiring, if anyone would like to apply. Seems like mostly everyone have the answers and they weren't even there. If you can do better....

Jeffrey Sauter
Jeffrey Sauter4 months ago

If we followed the ‘defund the police’ narrative; a social worker would have been on site to likely get attacked by the guy.

Michael T. Florencki
Michael T. Florencki4 months ago

And his parents will say he's a nice guy and would never do anything bad 🙄

Tim Cantrell
Tim Cantrell4 months ago

It’s perfectly normal to just be walking down the street with an ax. I’m sure they were returning it back where they borrowed it from

Maria Snider
Maria Snider4 months ago

It's not always the Policemens fault when they have to shoot someone to protect themselfs they do what has to be done in Order to protect the City and themselfs. It's these Crazy Crimals

Maria Snider
Maria Snider4 months ago

Do we know that that man had Mental Illness ? Until it he has been checked out by Drs.

Maria Snider
Maria Snider4 months ago

He could of also been High on Drugs

Michele Franklin
Michele Franklin4 months ago

If a man came charging at me with a hatchet after several attempts to diffuse the situation with words, then a tazer, and not just him but EMS employees at risk, even not being a policeman, there is a stand your ground law, and if criminals or people were not out there wielding hatchets he would still be here. Hard to take anyone armed for a mental evaluation when they are threatening to hit you with one. Put yourself in their shoes before judging just because he is a PO.

Ethan McCartney
Ethan McCartney4 months ago

If I have a gun and you come at me with an axe, you won't get close enough to use it.