Heartbreak at Optus

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The finish...

Posted 1 year ago

Chris Ledbury 1 year ago

Was also out on the full...so should of been brought back

Cole Earle 1 year ago

What a joke that free kick shouldnt of even been played

Cheyne Peo 1 year ago

Why were there no other deliberate out of bounds on the full but then Tabs? Then the soft free...
Where were the down field free kicks after the pushes in the back?
The Blues played well but gosh the timing of those decisions in regard to the rest of the game is just upsetting.

Charlotte Elizabeth 1 year ago

Can someone please explain this passage of play? Kick out on the full and then Newness is lining up on goal? What was the free kick given for?? Sorry if this has already been explained!

Michael Separovich 1 year ago

Dial 131444 and contact WA police on their non emergency line if you see behaviour that's even half as criminal as this umpires call.

Harry Butler 1 year ago

No denying the last absolutely ridiculous decision to end Fremantle Season was NOT the only very poor umpiring decision made in this game. Longmuir and the AFL need to speak up about the lack of decent unbiased umpiring in ALL the AFL. If they can’t get it right why are we sending our players to play interstate in the Corona Fuckup Cup 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👎

κλαίρη σινανιώτη 1 year ago

Bombers supporter here. Calton did not deserve that freekick. Decisions that ruin the friggen match! Shame on you umpires.

Liam Jai Fitzgerald 1 year ago

You guys need to put forward an investigation into this game. The corruption of the AFL is showing their colours.

Paul Gallagher 1 year ago

Afl needs to sort it’s self out. Umpiring and rules are a joke. Do they even know the rules. Disgraceful

Alicia Joseph 1 year ago

Great game Freo! So many wrong calls made. Clearly biased umpiring.