Naruto - This lives rent free in my head

Naruto • 1 year ago   98.3K     1.8K
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This lives rent free in my head

Joel Naidoo
Joel Naidoo2 months ago

Absolutely one of the coolest villains!!!

Isiah Scott
Isiah Scott3 months ago

I can straight see Madara rockin these mugs πŸ˜†

Lukas Jay Fliss
Lukas Jay Fliss2 months ago

Me vs 1000 3rd graders...

Ty Siong
Ty Siong3 months ago

Much respect for the first guy in the first tho

Norden Razali
Norden Razali2 months ago

Studio did a great job.

Ana Lorraine
Ana Lorraine1 year ago

Those who survived would be telling their grandkids "I fought Uchiha Madara. He kicked me in the face, it was glorious."

Kee R DeLuna
Kee R DeLuna9 days ago

Huge respect for the guys in the front.

Asbel Lhant
Asbel Lhant2 months ago

If y’all ever played Dynasty Warriors, you’re accustomed to this kinda action lmao

Andre Jenkins
Andre Jenkins1 year ago

You know Madara gave the guy praying an EXTRA HOLY BEATING.

Mbr Rachel
Mbr Rachel1 year ago

Which episode is it again??