Mums be like...

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why is every mum like this? 🤷‍♀️😂

Posted 9 months ago in Children & Parenting

Tyla 9 months ago

Huge thanks to Luke Hamnett, make sure you check out his channel below -

Rachel Anne 9 months ago

Hannah McNeil - this reminds me of that time you were staying at your mums and with your bedroom being above the kitchen your mum started making noise in the kitchen early 🤣🤣

Sheralyn Edwards 9 months ago

It reminds me of you doing an impression of your mum!!

Elizabeth Ann 9 months ago

This is hilarious!! Definitely not me though.. I don’t even want to wake the dog up. I will be quiet as a mouse so nobody gets up to bother me 🤫 🐭

Maz Kath 9 months ago

That was me when my kids were at home 😂

Keira Confetti 9 months ago

well if you would have pulled your own weight in cleaning maybe she wouldn't need to be so passive aggressive

Ella Marie 9 months ago

Janette Mason James Mason hoovering at 7:30am on a Saturday and shouting you’re too close to the curb when you’re barely steering away from the middle of the road!

Glenis Heath 9 months ago

So so funny just what the doctor ordered. xx

Casey Brain 9 months ago

Jodie Leigh your mum every Saturday/ Sunday morning with the vacuum and Rod Stewart blaring on the stereo 😂. She always knew to put in extra effort when the hangover was especially severe 😫😝