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Get the CHEAT Brushes - Complete Set 馃毠 馃毢 NEW with Male & Female bodies - 70 high quality brushes right here:

Posted 5 years ago in Arts & Culture

Dejan Radic 5 years ago

Why would anyone choose this over the expression of the hand.....would a dancer stop actually dancing if a computer program made it easier and faster?

Tracy Blankenbaker 5 years ago

I want this..

Paj Huab Yang 5 years ago

Omg people as a concept artist it's great for doing quick designs over!!!!

It seriously saves so much time!

Anna Stabach 5 years ago

Estera Niemczyk zobacz

Tony Mandile 5 years ago

Timothy W. Stevens , storyboard tools?

Sophie Cook 5 years ago

Gaby In-Wonderland omg....

John Harris 5 years ago

I see the use for them, it's like a virtual mannequin. Plus it saves having to spend ages trawling through google images to find references. But, and this is a big but, it's a pretty safe bet that they would just be used in the same manner as "Bases" are on the likes of DA and such. I guess it's down to the individual to want to actually develop their skills and stand out.

Web Design is similar, you can learn HTML, CSS, PHP etc, OR you can just download a Wordpress theme.

Daniel J Drake 5 years ago


Jason Jones 5 years ago

It's a posers wet dream

Mick Horn 5 years ago

Talent no longer required