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This year’s Olympics Games are like no other, and it’s apparent from the meticulous procedures people must go through just to get to Tokyo.

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I'm packing for the Olympics to go to Tokyo in a few days or at least I'm trying to. It's been my dream for the last 8 years and now I feel really conflicted because the games become so controversial and I have to leave the kids for more than two Bye bye. So I'm now at Singapore's Changi Airport which used to be one of the busiest in the world. Some 70 million people went through this airports every year before the pandemic but now it's totally empty. So I've just landed at Tokyo's Navita Airport. Usually I would rather arrive at Haneda because that's a lot closer to my parents' house but there were so few flights these days. So I'm finally on my way to my parent's house and because I'm not allowed to catch public transport, I had to arrange a private car which cost me about 350 dollars. So I'm now in quarantine for 14 days in my childhood bedroom actually. Can you see? That's 3 year old me. And my first big mission was to find a decent corner to broadcast from. Fall from saying I'm actually in quarantine. So I had to download a few apps and the government has been calling me every day to make sure that I'm sticking to quarantine. I think I'm allowed to go for a short walk but I haven't. And life here is pretty normal for Japanese people like my mom and dad. Apart from of course the whole state of emergency and the pandemic situation. Day eleven and I'm still stuck in my room. But you know for my colleagues who are not Japanese things are quite different. They don't actually have to quarantine for this long but they have to stay in what's known as the Olympic bubble which means they can only go to the Olympic venues and the hotel and they have to do a COVID test every day. So I'm finally out of quarantine and we're broadcasting from outside the Olympics stadium today. I forgot how hot it gets in Tokyo. And it's in this heat that those top athletes have to compete in but despite all the controversies the Tokyo Olympics are on. Here it goes.

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