Vegan Richa - Fall wouldn’t be fall 🍁 without a classic...

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Fall wouldn’t be fall 🍁 without a classic Pot Pie to warm you up 🥧! Enter Vegan Pot Pie with Black Pepper Biscuit Topping! Tasty Veggies 🥕 in a savory herbed sauce topped with easy oil-free black pepper biscuit topping 😍. Classic flavors, easier and simpler!! No oil, GF option 💕

RECIPE 🔥 ===>

Alena Schaim
Alena Schaim4 months ago

We <3 these biscuits! I've started saving the mix in a jar, use frozen veggies, & gosh, this is so quick- & feels fancy for a weeknight meal!

Sunny Collene Meloche
Sunny Collene Meloche4 months ago

Looks yummy 😋
Thanks for sharing

Richa Hingle
Richa Hingle4 months ago